Design projects

Design projects

Design project is a part of the overall concept of a restaurant. Moreover, it is one of the most important parts. When clients judge such things as atmosphere, comfort, aesthetics of the restaurant, they mostly primarily imply an interior solution.

All the projects of Restaurant Consulting Company are executed by professional architects and interior designers working in the field of public interiors and specializing in the design of restaurants, cafes, bars, fast food and other public catering establishments.

Our experts are well aware of the fact that creation of an interesting design of restaurants and cafes is an important step on the way to establishing the restaurant business. A cafe or restaurant project includes the space planning and technological solutions, competent organization of space to create a favorable atmosphere for relaxation, it is necessary to take into account such technical aspects as light, decoration and finishing works. Preparing the interior design project of the restaurant one should pay attention to the technical possibilities of the premises. On one hand, they may limit, and on the other hand, they may suggest interesting and original solutions.

Designs of restaurants often suppose creating a more sophisticated setting, but at the same time hosts of restaurants tend to buy inexpensive furniture. In this case, one can use tablecloths of high quality made of expensive fabric, and also decorate the space with exquisite expensive accessories in order to emphasize the status of the restaurant. Development of the design project for the cafe is not a simple matter. Design project of the cafe and restaurant is quite a serious matter that cannot be entrusted to lay persons. Thinking over the cafe design most customers tend to confine themselves to a small budget, but it's not a reason to abandon any original ideas, because professional designers are always able to offer interesting options for design of the room, which will not require significant financial resources.

The structure of a design project includes:

Draft project

Measurement drawing.

Layout solutions. Variants of replanning.

Zoning of premises.

Plan with furniture and equipment arrangement.

Layout of floors indicating coatings.

Layout of ceilings (without bindings).

Development of the main interior style.

Image dissection of walls with the equipment in color.

Intuitive collages of each room that determine the overall style and color scheme of the interior.

Outline of some elements of the interior (sketches).

Sketches of the furniture that is developed under the order.

Sketches and 3D color views (visualization) of space for each room.

Consultations on the selection of finishing materials, equipment, colors (in the office of a studio).

Selection of finishing materials and equipment

Preliminary proposals for the selection of finishing materials, furniture and lighting for indoor use (choice according to catalogues).

Selection and approval of engineering systems (ventilation, air conditioning, fire-alarm systems, etc.) of the proposed contractor.

Selection and approval of finishing materials.

Selection of doors, furniture, etc.

Trips to salons, familiarization with selected materials and equipment.

Creation of final 3D visualization with selected materials for each room.

Working draft

Measurement drawing binding with engineering utilities.

Plan of dismantling of the barriers and engineering utilities.

Plan of building barriers marking window and door openings.

Floor plan with dimensions after replanning.

Placement plan of plumbing equipment binding with drainage and application installation drawings from the manufacturer.

Ceiling plan indicating the type of material applied, individual units and sections. (Quantity of drawings depends on the complexity of the ceiling).

Plan of lighting, plan of lighting outlets, plan of switches indicating the inclusion of groups of lamps.

Specification of lighting equipment indication its type, power and other special requirements.

Plan placement of electrical outlets and leading-out wires bound to geometrical sizes.

Specification of wiring accessories mentioning types of products and other special requirements.

Floor plan showing: floor level indicators, type of floor covering, pattern and sizes. A cut drawing of floor structure showing the coating layers. (Quantity of drawings depends on the level of difficulty).

Explication of floor coatings indicating square and marking of the selected material.

Cut and image dissection of the walls with decorative elements. (Quantity of drawings depends on the number of decorative elements).

Dissection of the walls with indication of square of selected materials.

Drawings of custom-made elements (performed if necessary).

Plan for the disposition of the selected furniture.

Explication of piece elements indicating the marking, number and place of allocation.

Specification of doors with dimensions of door openings.

Statement of decorating.

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