Launching a restaurant

Business plan, concept and project of a restaurant, how to launch a restaurant

Steps of the realization of a business idea, how to open a restaurant?

(depending on owning one or another type of resources)

Real estate
Investment capital
Marketing analysis of location of the real estate and of local competitive environment.
Development of the initial idea concept. Main economic indicators of the project: cash flow of the restaurant, project performance indicators, approximate required investment budget, possible payback period and profitability of the object.
Development of the initial idea concept. Main economic indicators of the project: cash flow of the restaurant, project performance indicators, approximate required investment budget, possible payback period and profitability of the object.
Real estate
Marketing analysis of location of the real estate and of local competitive environment.
Business planning. Building of a technical and economic assessment and overall concept development.
Main investments into the project, construction, launching on a пїЅturnkeyпїЅ basis.

Our public catering establishment launching services

Development of the IDEA CONCEPT FOR A RESTAURANT, CAFE, BAR, CLUB пїЅ preliminary marketing and concept elaboration, the final document is a reference with calculations on the economy of the project Details...

On the basis of the confirmed idea concept of the restaurant there is an OVERALL CONCEPT of the restaurant being developed. Details...


CONSTRUCTION AND EQUIPPING OF THE RESTAURANT PREMISES, participating in a working group of a client. Details...

TECHNICAL LAUNCH OF THE RESTAURANT. Technological processes arrangement of the operational activity. Details...

Our services for working public catering establishments in operation

Operational activity audit.

Support in building of management accounts.

Development strategy and re-conception of the restaurant, cafe, bar, club.

(price of these services is contractual and depends on the terms and variety of works included)

1st Phase

Where to begin? The idea concept / business plan.

To start, you need to determine the amount you are willing to invest in organization of a business. This will allow you to calculate the budget for opening a restaurant, to determine a restaurant segment within which your business will develop and will also help to identify the main characteristics applicable to the selection of premises, and thus substantially reducing the time and complexity of its location. In other words, you need to choose an ideological concept , based on your financial capabilities and personal preferences (restaurant, bar, cafe, club , etc.)

2nd Phase

Selection of premises

The most important and sometimes decisive factor in determining the success of a future project is the location of the premises of the future restaurant. Focusing on your current budget as well as taking into account the requirements to premises, we will find the most optimal variant of the premises to you considering acceptable conditions for its purchase or rental. Besides, there is a variant of rental or purchase of an existing restaurant available, or premises in which previously housed a restaurant, in this case you can significantly reduce the cost and time of opening your own restaurant from scratch.

3rd Phase

Choosing a restaurant segment and concepts

What is right, to choose premises for the existing concept, or to find premises first and then to develop a concept focusing on its features? It is quite difficult to answer this question unambiguously, therefore we recommend you to familiarize yourself with the options discussed below and to choose the one that suits you.

Option number one – you have your own exclusive conceptual idea, calculations and you are ready to perform all the works required for the launching of the restaurant by yourself, to obtain all the necessary regulatory and permissive documentation. In this case, our cooperation will be limited to the fact that we will find premises to you which meet parameters you specify in the business plan of the restaurant. It must be remembered that the concept of a business plan of a cafe invented in advance sometimes limits the room to rather stringent requirements (display windows, winning location, detached building, only the first floor, direct rental, etc. ), and this makes the searching significantly complicated. The cost of rent of such premises is usually quite high, and it will be on the budget of your restaurant, but ... maybe your idea is so interesting that all the costs will be compensated.

Option number 2 – if you do not have your own exclusive restaurant ideas for which you want to pick the appropriate premises, then it is better to find a place, and after that select a restaurant segment and develop a concept taking features of this place into account. Because there are much less offers on the premises than possible concepts, which you can think of many, and we are ready to help you with this.

Option number three – you are ready to invest in the restaurant business, but your core business takes up all your time. Our company is a panacea for you. We will launch a restaurant of any restaurant trend for you at the most professional level and in a short period of time, and we will make it profitable.

Option number four – you have property, and you want to open your restaurant or cafe in it. In this case, our company will help you to develop the most advantageous restaurant concept for that can be created for this property, and we also help you to realize this idea. In the shortest possible time we are ready to open a hospitality establishment in your premises based on the approved concept together with you, and with the greatest profitability for the premises.

4th Phase

Restaurant opening on a пїЅturnkeyпїЅ basis. Business planning, construction, equipping of a restaurant, launching of a restaurant.

This stage is the most critical and important because includes all other works on the launching of the restaurant. Here is a list of them, without going into details:

Marketing research

Choosing the restaurant segment and detailed elaboration of the concept of the restaurant

Development of a business plan to open a restaurant

Preparation of a technical conclusion on premises

Development of various parts of the restaurant project and their coordination with Sanitary Hygienic Services and State Fire Service


design and architecture


ventilation and air-conditioning

water supply

sewerage system

low-voltage systems

Coordination of replanning of the premises and of its front part

Obtaining conclusions from Sanitary Hygienic Services and State Fire Service

Development of accounting and pricing policies

Obtaining licenses for alcohol and for the right to produce food

Purchase of technological equipment

Development of food and bar menu

Purchase of tableware and inventory

Elaboration of dishes and composition of technological calculation cards

Determination of an automation system, its purchase and registration

Recruiting and training of personnel according to the developed standards of service

Development of advertising and marketing strategies

To accomplish all of these works there is thorough knowledge of all the nuances of the business and the operational algorithm of the regulatory authorities required.

How much time does it take to open a restaurant?

В среднем, на открытие ресторана уходит от 3-х до 6-ти мес., это зависит от многих факторов, состояния помещения, его метража, согласованием тех или иных документов в инстанциях, профессионализма подрядчиков, профессионализма менеджера проекта и грамотно составленного бизнес-плана ресторана.

Рестораны premium class / от 300 м2/ – от $ 600.000 – до $ ……..

Ресторан – клуб / от 500м2 / - от $ 750.000 – до $ ……..

Fine dining class restaurants / from 300 sq.m. / - $ 600,000 - $ 800,000

Democratic segment restaurants (sport-bars/cafe/coffee house)/ from 200 sq.m. / - $ 300.000 - $ 500.000

Cafe / Coffee house from 200 sq.m. / - $ 300.000 - $ 500.000

Речь идет о стационарных заведениях имеющих лицензию на торговлю алкоголем и разрешение на производство блюд из сырья и полуфабрикатов, т.е. полный цикл технологических процессов приготовления блюд, проще говоря, не летние кафе и ресторанчики.

Open a restaurant, cafe, bar


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If you apply to our company, we will help:

To find suitable premises for you. We have the best database of real estate in Moscow. To develop concepts which have demand on the market, and we have such concepts! To choose builders and suppliers. We will provide you with a discount on furniture and equipment. We will develop projects, design for you and will legalize all the permissive documentation. We will find a manager and a chief chef for your restaurant, cafe or bar, will train your staff.

If you sign a contract with us on launching on a пїЅturnkeyпїЅ basis, you will get business education service пїЅFor ClientsпїЅ for free!